As the parent/guardian of a Teen, I/we recognize that medical emergencies may occur that require medical treatment, and further recognize that The Depot personnel may potentially be unable to contact me for the consent of emergency medical care. As such, having the authority to do so, I do hereby consent in advance to such emergency care including hospital care, as may be deemed necessary under the then-existing circumstances and to assume the expenses of such care.


Unless otherwise requested in writing by you, the parent/guardian, The Depot assumes permission and ability to act and/or provide for the items detailed as follows:

Media Release:  The Depot may use your Teen’s name and/or photo at our discretion in the press/media when releasing information about the accomplishments and highlights of The Depot as well as pictures and/or videos that include your Teen to be posted on The Depot’s social media accounts and/or website.

Viewing Agreement:  The Depot may show PG/PG 13 movies and equivalent rated TV shows that which are generally deemed appropriate for teens.

Gaming Agreement:  The Depot provides video games for the Teens to play/watch that are rated T for Teens and/or below which are generally deemed appropriate for Teens.

Waiver of Liability and Statement of Understanding

We (parent/guardian) and (Teen) hereby state that we have read, understand, and agree to the rules and stipulations accompanying this waiver as set out by The Depot Jordan Valley Teen Center. I/we further hereby release and discharge The Depot and all staff, volunteers, Board members, and host sponsors of Depot programming from any and all claims, demands, damages, causes of action, and liability whatsoever which may arise or grow out of my Teen’s participation in The Depot’s programs. If special arrangements are needed, please discuss them with the director.



All Teens that participate in The Depot programs and activities, on or off site, are required to conduct themselves according to the following code of conduct. 

1.    Sign in with my correct name when I arrive and sign out when I leave.

2.    Be responsible for my own behavior.

3.    Support and abide by The Depot Staff and Volunteers and follow their directions.

4.    Practice good citizenship, leadership, and have a positive attitude.

5.    Be honest and trustworthy.

6.    Show respect to other Teens and The Depot Staff and Volunteers.

7.    Respect the property of others and The Depot facility and equipment.

8.    Use appropriate language.

9.    Maintain acceptable noise levels inside The Depot.

10.  Be free from the possession – constructive (knowingly) or otherwise – and consumption of drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco.

11.    Leave all bikes and skateboards/longboards in their designated area.

12.   Use the appropriate bathroom for my gender as medically identified at birth.

13.   Keep my hands to myself, and refrain from Public Displays of Affection(PDA).

14.  Clean up after myself and help Depot Staff and Volunteers pick up if necessary.

15.   Immediately report any problems or issues to the staff on duty.   

16.   Accept the consequences for inappropriate behavior (see Handbook).

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