Many Thanks, from Grateful Hearts

We want to acknowledge our students, volunteers and donors
who have worked so hard to keep offering hope, love, food and
activities to area teens during this unprecedented year.

 COVID Shut Down Activities

March – April Mailed all donor letters
April 1st – June 22nd Passed out food Bags
April Emailed volunteer letters
May – June Mailed student letters and cleaned up computer system
June Planned a zoom meeting for kids
July 3rd Walked the 4th of July community parade
July Prepare for Portside Arts Fair
June & July Sponsored dinner for all the volunteers and students
July 22nd Ran concessions at city movie night
August 1st & 2nd Portside Arts Fair
August 5th Ran concessions at city movie night
August 21st Depot Movie Night
August 30th Back to School Beach Party
September 7th Student Advisory Council meeting
September 18th Field day at community park 1st Friday
Sept 25th – Oct 23rd Depot Fridays
October 16th Depot Friday with Shoe Club
October 23rd & 24th Pumpkin Walk
October 30th Depot Friday Halloween party
December 12th Build a Christmas float for the East Jordan Christmas Parade
December 19th East Jordan Christmas Parade